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Knowledge Database fpr Agents only - janvl - 06-13-2021

a big compliment for the work done on HelpdeskZ.
I reviewed a lot of ticketsystems some years ago and picked HelpdeskZ the only problem i had is that no customer used it.
In this (rural) environment people are used taking the phone and since a while Whatsapp . . . .
The leap forwards with codeigniter is a great achievement i have now installed it for someone else and am very enthousiastic
with what i saw.
My feature request:
The knowledge Database is visible for everyone except the category/article is marked as private.
Agents can only access these articles in "edit-mode".
We would like a possibility for agents to log in and can then read articles specifically ment for them,
they should not be able to edit these articles, only the administrator(s) should be able to edit them.
Kind regards,