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HelpDeskZ v2.0 released - Andres - 01-15-2021

I'm happy to announce the release of version 2.0

This new version was rewritten from scratch and developed using CodeIgniter 4.

With this new update, bugs from v1.x were fixed and security enhaced.

Documentation was updated for a fresh installation and upgrade from 1.x.

Download link:
Our repository:

Thanks for your support and I'd like to see your opinions about this new version and your suggestions about new features or changes.

RE: HelpDeskZ v2.0 released - Apillzonline - 10-14-2021

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RE: HelpDeskZ v2.0 released - cristopherus - 10-16-2021

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RE: HelpDeskZ v2.0 released - stephen645 - 10-18-2021

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