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HelpDeskZ API + Kanboard + Telegram - popww - 10-13-2021

Hello everybody! I will try to describe the task that my management set for me and ask if it is possible at all to implement it at the moment with HelpDeskZ. And so our company uses HelpDeskZ as receiving applications from users, and so Kanboard is used as building current tasks for the IT department and requests from users. The first thing that my bosses require from me is that notifications of new applications come not by e-mail, but through Viber or Telegram messengers. The second task is from the authorities so that when users create an application in HelpDeskZ, a similar task is automatically created in Kanboard. Please tell me is it possible to organize something like that? That is to say, link both of these services. Unfortunately, I do not know PHP or CURL, I only know Python and only with the help of it I can try to implement these tasks. After reading the documentation and trying to apply commands from it to create a user or a new task using the API (to figure out exactly how it all works), nothing came of it, tasks and users were not created. Here's an example of my bash script:


curl \


-H 'Token: <Xq0OGa9KLmQRus8U4I7zvg6ZwrxEnSJYc1kB2jWMbiDFtl3H5VAohCyfeNdp>' \

-F 'ticket_id="3"' \

-F 'replier="staff"' \

-F 'staff_id="1"' \

-F 'message="Answering a ticket."' \

-F 'close="0"'




curl \


-H 'Token: <Xq0OGa9KLmQRus8U4I7zvg6ZwrxEnSJYc1kB2jWMbiDFtl3H5VAohCyfeNdp>' \

-F 'fullname="John Doe3"' \

-F 'email="[email protected]"' \

-F 'notify="0"'

When I try to execute the above code, this message is returned to the console.



<title>301 Moved Permanently</title>


<h1>Moved Permanently</h1>

<p>The document has moved <a href="">here</a>.</p>


What am I doing wrong? I apologize for such stupid questions, but I will be glad to any constructive advice on this matter. Thank you in advance for your answers!