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HelpDeskZ v2.0.2 - Andres - 03-09-2021

New version 2.0.2 with some changes and fixes:
  • Framework update to work with PHP >= 7.3.
  • The auto-close of tickets is fixed.
  • The staff notification when new ticket is opened is fixed.
  • Ticket notes added.


RE: HelpDeskZ v2.0.2 - scdzaak - 07-01-2021

Dear Admin,

Just installed the latest version of the program !
But the staff notification with a new ticket form a user is not working .. sorry for that =;(
I see that you have click on the notification .. but I receive no email when a customer or user will add a question.
It was a total fresh install

Regards, Eric

RE: HelpDeskZ v2.0.2 - scdzaak - 07-01-2021

Found the 'solution' !

You have to make an (extra) user with 'agent rights' .
Now it is working ..

gread job done .. =Wink

RE: HelpDeskZ v2.0.2 - StefanGT - 07-23-2021

Hi, my name is Stefan and I am new to Helpdeskz. We want to setup a new helpdesk site and currently we are testing differents tools. One of them is Helpdeskz. My problems start right at the beginning with the installation Undecided
I uploaded the files to my ApacheWebserver (.\<apache_installdir>\htdocs\support) and edited the file hdz\app\Config\Helpdesk.php
When I browse my server (which is only available in the intranet) by <weburl>\support I get the message "Woops! We seem to have hit a snag. Please try again later...". When I browse to <weburl>\support\install (as described in the documentation) I get a 404-error :-(
At the moment I have no idea what's the problem. I am running an Apache Webserver V2.4.48 with PHP V7.4.20 installed. In the background I have MySQL-Database (MariaDB V10) - so my setup meets the system requirements...
Any hint what I have done wrong?
Thanks!! :-)

RE: HelpDeskZ v2.0.2 - zampaRoss - 08-30-2021

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RE: HelpDeskZ v2.0.2 - veronikalazy - 09-28-2021

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RE: HelpDeskZ v2.0.2 - ashfaq - 10-17-2021

(07-01-2021, 12:13 PM)scdzaak Wrote: Found the 'solution' !

You have to make an (extra) user with 'agent rights' .
Now it is working ..

gread job done .. =Wink

How is this done......

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