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BUG: Time view in Ticket List [SOLVED] - Luukullus - 08-04-2022

I noticed that the time in the ticket system is not displayed correctly.

So the format in the settings is set to "d. F Y H:i".
The time should be displayed in 24h format. This is correctly happening within a ticket. See the following picture:

But in the overview, in the list with the tickets, it is displayed incorrectly:

Shouldn't this also be changed?

The problem is that there is only the one variable for everything (i.e. F Y H:i). So you can't use them completely, because then the whole date then will be showed in the list.

Can you help me with that? Maybe there is a way to implement this into the settings. Sure i can find the file and edit it for myself, but thats a little messy in my mind.


RE: BUG: Time view in Ticket List - Luukullus - 08-11-2022

Hey guys!

This is also already found by myself.

The configuration for the displayed time for "Today" and "Yesterday" is in the file:
/hdz/app/Helpershelpdesk_helper.php on line: 203

The function:
function time_ago($time, $staff=true)

There you can simply change the "h:i a" to "H:i", for example.
h:i a = xx:xx am/pm (12hours)
H:i = xx:xx (24hours)

For example, I have created a table in the database and read this from it.
So I no longer have to fumble around in the document.