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Feature Request: Ticket Assignment to Agents - Luukullus - 08-04-2022

Good day!

Yes, I know there are already a few threads on this topic. But not right in my opinion. Either no or at best mediocre content is given or the title is misleading.
I would like to officially request this feature and would also like to hear your opinions on it.

Allocation of tickets to individual processors/agents. With email notification

Tickets get another attribute.
A field for the "agent" where you can select from the existing agents in order to "assign" the ticket to one of these agents, so to speak. In the best case, the agent will receive an email notification of the assignment. Optionally also the customer.


Several agents can already be enabled via departments, but unfortunately individual agents are currently falling over. Alternatively, you have to create a department for a single agent, which I think is a bit messy.

I would be excited to receive answers.