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Collision avoidance - Marius - 04-27-2022

I have been looking at HeldeskZ. So far we would like to implement it, however, we have 5 support staff on tickets all day. 
HelpdeskZ needs to be able to allocate tickets to Agents, and other Agents cant grab the ticket without allocating to themselves. This will avoid multiple agents replying to the same ticket at the same time and causing problems.

Please advise if this is possible to implement and if this will be a feature soon.

RE: Collision avoidance - Luukullus - 08-03-2022

Hi there!

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I wouldn't have noticed that and would have been upset if I'd tried to assign a ticket to someone...
As it is at the moment, this system is only worthwhile on its own. Really a pity. That should be one of the absolute core features. So I can otherwise use a shared mailbox with 5 people...
Still very pretty Smile

Maybe this will come at some point.