What Is MyPillow Made Of?

Pillows have different functions, either for comfort during sleep or decorative purposes. The most common pillow type is the bed pillow on which people lay and support their heads and necks while sleeping.

Whether you purchase a MyPillow or order for a customized one, you can never know its inner contents unless you open it. Some may contain materials that may be toxic or allergic. Have you ever asked yourself what is my pillow made of? This article answers this question in details.

What is inside my pillow?

You would not want to spend hours taking comfort on a pillow that contains dangerous materials. Would you? Sometimes, we focus on the outside appearance of our pillows and forget about what is inside. Though that pillow is smooth and comfortable, you may be endangering yourself to toxins such as formaldehyde that cause nausea, headaches, and other health issues. It is therefore essential to know what is stuffed inside your pillow.


Types of MyPillow filling materials

Most MyPillows are made of Polyester, Down, Feathers, synthetic fiber, cotton, wool and latex rubber among others. You can read this MyPillow review, to find more information. Others consist of a combination of secondary materials such as rags and cloth industry leftovers.

Each of these materials has its positives and negatives. Down pillows are expensive but are known to reduce perspiration. Feather-made pillows may emit some odors or cause allergy to some people. However, they are soft, flexible, lightweight and durable.

Though people prefer pillows made from polyester due to their lower price and washable nature, they cause poor ventilation. Synthetic fiber pillows are highly preferred since they are allergy free, cheap and resilient. Wool and cotton pillows are also allergy free and are natural insulators.

Different pillows cost differently, an expensive pillow does not necessarily mean the best pillow. Consider the inner content of the pillow rather than the outside appearance. For sleep pillows, ensure that the pillow does not interfere with natural breathing or emit any odor or harmful gases.

What is the best pillow made of?

People have different tastes and references. No unique pillow can be considered the best. All pillows are okay if the inner contents are harmless. Some people prefer synthetic, polyester and down while others may consider cotton and latex. The most vital aspect is to know what your pillow is made of before purchasing.


Pillows are a necessity. However, despite the comfort they give, their inner contents can be harmful. Different types of pillows consist of varying stuffing materials. Regardless of your taste or choices, always desire to know the pros and cons of the contents inside your pillow.

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