Intrusive thoughts in the compulsive acts

When you need to cure the OCD, you have to consider that the only way to do it, should be to correct its cause. OCD is a problem that creates intrusive ideas inside the brain of the patient. In some situations, there are going to be compulsive actions. Usually the deep cause of the problem is unknown. But several doctors explain over and over that it's a result of mental traits and childhood traumas. It is a key factor simply because to delete the cause has to be the right system to heal the OCD.

The factors that are responsible of the cause of this OCD are education, excessive protection received by the patient's parents, and a presence of teenage age problems, and factors like these. The most important of the keys that can create the problem could be the negative emotions. Now I'm going to tell some practical examples of compulsive acts. Some rituals are:
Washing their body over and over.
The act of checking that windows are correctly closed and other kinds of verifications.
To put things in a very specific way.
To have a deep need to carry out some mental acts related to the act of thinking about certain numbers or words.

Most of cures sadly are not as useful as someone might think. That is a consequence of the reality that most treatments, like for example conductive treatments, frequently are not able to cure the OCD. That is due to the situation than most psychological procedures can't to erase the deep cause of obsessive acts. If we need to know how to cure the OCD we should keep in mind that you must delete the causal factors. The only procedures that are highly effective in the success of the objective o being free from the disease are the psychoanalysis and the meditation. They are things than affect the subconscious mind, and once that is completely fixed, the anxiety cures.

Let's deep into the power of psychoanalysis. It had been created by Sigmund Freud, and heavily modified by his pupil Jung. It`s useful to have a better understanding because the psychoanalytical doctor allows the unconscious thoughts to be integrated. We know that therefore they stop are perpetuating the obsessive thoughts, and that allows the cure to be real. The problem is that it's a expensive process, due to the fact that it is required a high number of days of therapy to be posible to feel the obsessive thoughts to begin to cure. It might make very expensive to cure the OCD with psychoanalysis.
In the objective of curing the OCD is also the BioNeuroEmotion, that is a therapy that was developed by by a spanish guy. It's a system that brings up the influence of our family members in our existence, and one of its points are the study of the genealogical ancestors.

Some of the most typical examples of OCD are things like the act of washing someone's hands repeatedly, to verify that the doors are properly closed, and to leave the objects in a certain order. It's also frequent to clean the house over and over, to try to keep the home absolutely disinfected and free of bacterias. The patients understand that that king of acts are not normal but they are not able to no not to do them. If they don't repeat those acts wat happens is that they start to feel high levels of anxiety and we can tell that the only way of decreasing that negative feeling consist on repeating the compulsive impulses. The cognitive therapy help to lessen those levels of anxiety but generally it can't suppress the compulsive acts.

Most persons with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder have not been diagnosed and that's why they can't even search for help. They have the consciousness that they have things that are not normal but they don't comprehend the reason why, and what's the way to stop doing these things. As you may suppose this can be extremely hard from the psychological meaning due to the fact that these. Those patients are striving in suffering and they don't tell this to other people and the reason is that deep down they are quite afraid of being crazy. In case you are a relative of a guy who you believe that can suffer OCD, the best action you might make consists of talking with him and to talk about this problem and about the need of search for psychological treatment. It's also highly good to express to that person your support and. It's necessary to say to that person that he will not be alone, it can help hugely.<
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