Blockchain: Opportunities for Private Enterprises in Emerging Markets

One of the main reasons why blockchain has become one of the most relevant technologies at the moment for companies and startups, is its ability to build on it a multitude of utilities that require a technology that provides aspects such as security and the confidence to function. Thanks to this, they are beginning to design different types of platforms on which they will be able to build a multitude of applications and companies that develop new business models based on the operation of the block chain.
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A chain of blocks is essentially just a record, a ledger of digital events that is distributed or shared among many different parts. It can only be updated based on the consensus of the majority of system participants and, once entered, the information can never be erased. The Bitcoin blockchain contains an accurate and verifiable record of all the transactions that have been made in its history. Marc Andreessen  founder of Netscape

Let's see below what are the initiatives that the block chain is allowing to generate on it:
dApp: they are decentralized applications that are developed as software that uses a token as a change asset for the management of your transactions. For an application to be a dApp it must fulfill several conditions such as: being written as open source and therefore be accessible to anyone who wants to understand its operation; operate autonomously, without the intervention of any person and without any entity that controls it; and adapting its code according to what the tokens' owners decide in a majority way based on the proposed improvements. The dApps use the tokens as "the fuel" that allows them to function. Any contribution of value that is made to the dApp by the developers must be rewarded in tokens of the same application. In addition, a dApp generates new tokens based on its cryptographic algorithm, acting as a test of the value that is being contributed to its operation. The purpose of a dApp is to manage the transactions that are made on their tokens on a blockchain.

The first dApp that was created was Bitcoin, which was designed to allow P2P electronic payment, through tokens called bitcoins. Bitcoin does not require any central entity to regulate it and yet has proven to be extremely safe and efficient to allow payment. Any user who uses Bitcoin to make payments to other users must acquire the bitcoins tokens. The value of the Bitcoin application is determined by the number of people who use bitcoins to make money transfers. Bitcoins can be transformed into conventional money through the many applications that connect the digital world with the real world. Based on this model the success dApp will get their tokens increasingly have more value, as is happening with Bitcoin. It is foreseen that in the future for the dApps a pay-per-use model will be established, so they will have autonomy to self-regulate according to what their owners are establishing and deciding. To finance the development of a dApp, acrowdsale  that consists of a kind of auction of tokens for a fixed value and whose value will fluctuate depending on the value of that dApp.

In addition to the dApp recently, new ideas and utilities have begun to be developed that can be built on blockchain, in a way that greatly amplifies its usefulness and transcends its use.

As we have been seeing throughout this article one of the main consequences of the evolution that is taking place in the development of the block chain and the appearance of the dApps is that it is propitiating the creation of many startups that seek to apply this technology to solve all kinds of problems that may exist in society or in the market, in addition to promoting new digital business models.

Slock  uses blockchain for the management of the opening and closing of doors. Thanks to the software, which works on the chain of blocks, you can program the doors of the houses so that a certain user can open a series of specific days and not others. This offers a great utility for example for the use of these locks in holiday rental apartments. In this system thanks to the use of blockchain once the payment of a rent has been forma

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