Ways of Cold Treatment

Are you aware a whole lot about the strategies to cold treatment? The affusion with cold water and wim. That's probably all that immediately one thinks of. But usually there are a lot more techniques of cold treating a living thing.

Well, in the first place, obviously, there is the water therapy, which, mind you, includes sauna! In addition to the affusion one can possibly name also rubdowns with cool water. Next could be the aerotherapeutics. This really is tempering of the body using the air. Everything is very simple: air-baths. The heliotherapy is tempering with all the sun. The most important thing here's to not overdo. The sun-baths may be both beneficial and very bad for a person's body. Along with the simplest way of tempering is walking barefoot.


The rubdown is easily the most attenuated procedure, which can be suited to the start the cold treatment procedures. The rubdown is both befitting young kids and for old people. It is finished which has a stiff sponge. The initial few days the river temperature must be equal to thirty-five degrees. That needs to be reduced to fifteen degrees. Perform procedure actively and vigorously.

Start the affusion for adults from your water of thirty-three degrees. When you have thought we would have a span of foot baths, water temperature is taken two degrees colder. Gradually, water temperature for that affusion reduces to fifteen degrees. The habituation for the procedure walks you with regards to a week. Then you'll definitely start feeling a real pleasure from this.

The contrast shower is performed as described below. To start with, the lake temperature needs to be most comfortable to suit your needs. You then boost the temperature on the maximum easy for you approximately one minute. Next let down the recent water and stand for about twenty seconds beneath the cold water. Next again, turn the most domestic hot water not for long, our bodies should get warm and immediately shut off the water and indicate a minute or so beneath the cold water. Repeat the last round twice.

With the first week do merely one contrasting procedure, gradually reaching the number described above. The contrast shower should be done at least once per day, though the best - every day and in the evening.

Walking barefoot does not always mean walking home about the thick carpets, but walking on the ground. If you find a park with green grass beside your home, take off your shoes and socks and walk barefoot on the ground. You will notice - you undoubtedly much like the new feeling. If beginning in the summer months usually do not finish them on the autumn. Thus you are going to gradually prepare yourself for walking barefoot about the snow. It becomes an unusual pleasure. Tend not to wash you with trouble next procedure, only with cold one. In the event the frost is extremely strong, do not stand at one place, jog or walk if you'd like. The durance of procedure should be no less than a few minutes. Otherwise, no bring the desired effect.
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