Keeping in mind these varietal

The objectives of this research were (1) to clone the upstream region of the common bean ERECTA gene and determine its structure and genomic context (2) to evaluate the allele diversity of the most highly orthologous ERECTA gene in wild and cultivated common bean, (3) to determine the extent of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) haplotype diversity for the gene, (4) to correlate the SNP NMS-P715 and haplotypes with genepool origins and drought tolerance based on the stress screening of cultivated accession, and (6) to evaluate the patterns of nucleotide variation in wild genotypes and the association with adaptation to different climates environments based on geographical origin. Nucleotide diversity analysis is a powerful tool for studying collections of cultivated and wild genotypes and identifying the diverse selective processes that shaped the evolution of specific genes [27]. The particular role of gene duplication, lineage sorting, sub-functionalization and ecological constraints on gene evolution can be inferred [28]. Our overall goal was to define the patterns of diversity and selection for the main ERECTA gene orthologue in common bean which image may play a role in its drought adaptation.
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