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As expansins belong to a large multigene family, we designed gene-specific primers that are able to discriminate image SlExp1 from other members of the gene family. The selected primers amplified a DNA fragment of 1025 bp consisting of 342 bp of intronic region and 683 bp of coding sequence (Fig. 1A).
In this TILLING screen, we identified 28 independent point mutations among which 19 were intronic and 9 were exonic. Out of the 9 exonic mutations, 3 were silent, 5 were missense and one induced a premature stop codon at the 213th amino K02288 position leading to a truncated SlExp1 protein (Table 1, Fig. 1A).
Table 1.
    Induced point mutations identified in SlExp1 coding region.Mutant alleleNucleotide substitutionAmino acid substitutionSlexp1-1C433TL145FSlexp1-2C447TR149RSlexp1-3T450AA150ASlexp1-4C461TP154LSlexp1-5G931AV197ISlexp1-6G974CW211SSlexp1-7(1)C979TQ213StopSlexp1-8T1053AS237SSlexp1-9(1)C1055TS238FList of tomato mutant lines along with the identity and position of the mutated nucleotides and induced amino acids changes. (1) Mutant lines identified in the M82 genetic background.Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV
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