AcknowledgmentsWe are grateful to the global broadband seismic network

The source parameters determined by the SCARDEC method (STFs, as well as the depth, moment magnitude and focal mechanism) for all the earthquakes of the database are made available through the webpage This page offers a multi-criteria search (date, epicentral location, depth, magnitude, depth, focal mechanism parameters) in order to easily select the desired earthquakes. For each earthquake meeting these Tolvaptan criteria, the STFs (optimal and average) can be seen online. The selected STFs can also be downloaded in a simple format where the first two lines of each STF file provide the source parameters (epicentral location and origin time from NEIC-PDE; depth, seismic moment, focal mechanism from SCARDEC), and all the other lines the STF (two columns with time and moment rate). For each earthquake, two such files corresponding to the optimal and average STFs are provided. For exhaustive analyses or studies requiring other selection criteria, we also provide access to the whole database. As of now, the database is complete from 1992 to 2014/12/31 and contains image 2782 earthquakes. We plan to update rheumatoid arthritis in the future on a regular basis.
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