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Spectrum Realty Article 101

Spectrum Realty is displaying a true spectrum of real estate as it encompass the offering of residential properties of all sizes such as condominiums and multi-unit and large complexes. This company is one of the best and in its 30-year run, it remained to be in the top position. Massive growth in capital and income has been accumulated by this company since 1984 as it offers first-rate and reliable services. Goleta, Santa Barbara, Isla Vista and Carpinteria are the areas covered by their services and for many years, they have never failed to be at par among their competitors because their facilities are outstanding.

Spectrum Realty is the longest running real estate agency in California serving Goleta, Santa Barbara, Isla Vista and Carpinteria. Since 1984, it has been the first-rate agency in the real estate business. Experience-wise, this company is the best there is when it comes to all real estate needs. Their mission is to be honest to the public in representing them as they purchase, rent, lease or sale a real estate with professionalism and integrity. The reputable name that they have today is a result of their incomparable experience in the business.

Andy Sillers became the new owner of Spectrum Realty in 2003 but it was founded by Jon Gathercole and Claude Raffin in 1984. The company has integrity and is honest in doing transactions for the past years. Their experience and professionalism in carrying out their services is incomparable. This has made them the most sought-after real estate provider in California. People interested in selling, buying and renting real estate properties are well-represented by them excellently. A broad spectrum in real estate has been created because of their knowledge in the business.

Spectrum Realty is a member of the best real estate groups like Association of REALTORS, Multiple Listing Service and Santa Barbara Rental Property Association. Membership with these groups made it possible for them to be updated of the market trends in the business and keep track of the real estate law changes. By treating every property as their own for many years, they have set an example of covering all real estate aspects as well as doing transactions legally. They give utmost importance to all the considerations of the business because unlike other investments, real estate is very critical.

Spectrum Realty has made a great spectral change in the entire industry of real estate because they are offering and providing the people of California who are seeking home ownership only the best, reliable and flexible real estate options. Santa Barbara and the rest of California is given the chance to settle in comfortable and secured properties because of the trusted real estate facilities they are continuously providing. It has been 30 years but the experience of renting, selling and buying homes in Santa Barbara is still worthwhile due to the first-rate, cost-effective and honest real estate facilities.

Individuals in search for real estate companies in Goleta, Isla Vista, Santa Barbara, and Carpinteria are more likely to come across the name of Spectrum Realty. This Real Estate Company has obtained a reputation for delivering reliable and quality service. People who know them knows exactly that the company always take the best interest of their customers before their own interest. Thus, it only pays to know the people behind this company.

Established in 1984, Spectrum Reality was made into reality by Jon Gathercole with Claude Raffin. The company manage all sizes of residential properties. In 2003, Andy Sillers took over the ownership and management of the company. He is the man who currently keeps the reputation and success of the company. Sillers started his journey in the Real Estate in year 1991 and have already managed around 200 residential suits in his hometown. Sillers is affiliated with Santa Barbara Rental Property Association.

Spectrum Realty was founded in 1984 by Jon Gathercole and Claude Raffin and Andy Sillers became its new owner and broker in 2013. The company is a member of the Association of REALTORS, Multiple Listing Service and Santa Barbara Rental Property Association. Having an affiliation with these groups allowed the company keep track of the
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