Normal placental development depends on the cell proliferation differentiation and

4. Discussion
Previously, we and others observed that serum level of FABP4 was increased in women with preeclampsia compared with control [11] and [17]. Later, Scifres et al. found that maternal serum FABP4 levels were significantly elevated in the first and second trimester of pregnancy in women who eventually developed preeclampsia, and this increase occurs independently of maternal body mass index [12]. Recently, Tuuri et al. [18] observed that maternal FABP4 level at 24 weeks of Arotinoid Acid were associated with the development of pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH) although maternal FABP4 level did not significantly differed. Maternal serum FABP4 levels do not appear to change between the first and second trimesters of pregnancy in preeclamptic women and normal pregnant women, indicating that maternal serum FABP4 across these epochs of time is associated with the development of preeclampsia [12].
This study image was funded by Natural Science Foundation of China (81170572 and 81370726) and National Basic Key Research Program of China (2012CB944903).
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