San Diego County Marriage Record


Individuals who conduct genealogical researches usually employ the important details they can find image from the records which are made available to the general public such as marriage reports. Such papers are helpful in tracing one's roots. A marriage record can also give you the correct maiden and married name of a woman. Having such fact can be a big help in discovering one's line of descent. A marriage certificate is issued to couples after their matrimonial ceremony. However, before a marriage event can take place, it is important that would-be bride and groom must be able to secure a marriage license. A marriage license reveals the full names of the persons who want to get married, the exact date and place of the marital union and the name of the official who will perform the wedding ceremony. It is very important that the persons who wish to get married can provide proofs of their age as it is a basic requirement in the procurement of a marriage license. If you want to evaluate if your current partner ever had a previous marriage, you can make verification via the San Diego County marriage records.

There are two main agencies in the state of California which act as repositories of marriage documents in the said region. First is the Department of Public Health and second, is the specific county recorder where a particular marriage came about. One should also take note of the two types of marriage reports that the state releases to a requesting party. These are the certified informational duplicate and the certified authorized copy. The latter can be made available to limited persons such as those who are mentioned in the marriage certificate, their parents, legal guardians, law enforcement personnel and other persons in the conduct of an official business. The certified informational copy has the same information as with the authorized duplicate but the profound difference which you will notice is that the former has an indication that it is not to be used as proof of identity.

If two people are planning to get married, the best bureau they must communicate with is the office of the county clerk. The said agency has all the needed information on how to attain a marriage license. A marriage license is an essential document that is needed to be accomplished before a marital ceremony can take place. Individuals who want to pursue marriage must appear in person at the county clerk's office and must bring with them proofs of their identities such as their driver's license or passports.

Marriage by proxy is absolutely not permitted in the state of California so the persons who desire to get married must be physically present, as well as their witnesses, if there are any, in the specified date, time and location where the marriage event will happen.

A marriage license is valid 90 days after the same has been issued. This means that marriage must take place within the period or else the license will become invalid. One can go about and make inquiries via the San Diego County marriage records search. One can confirm the existence of a certain marriage record via the worldwide web and achieve results in an instant.
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