Cuyahoga County Public Marriage Records


The reason why people make the request for copies of marriage records like Cuyahoga County Marriage Records would be because of the fact that these records are the official records of the government in regards to the marriage of the persons named in the record, and as such, they are the best evidence that one could present to prove the existence of the marriage in question. It must be remembered that marriage is something that would change the status of the person who had gotten married, and that is the reason why there is often the need to prove the fact of the marriage.

A change in status follows the person no matter where in the world the person in question may go in his or her life. One cannot escape the bonds of marriage by fleeing to a different jurisdiction, indeed, one could not get married to a person other than his or her spouse by simply fleeing to a different state, and the party who would do so runs the risk of being prosecuted for bigamy unless he can prove that the second marriage falls under an exemption such as presumption of death or the like. Still, from here, one can see not only the reason why those who are involved in their marriage and their families would make the request, but also those who are not even related to the couple, but who would want to prevent the second marriage, would make the request in question.

The records in question are the official records of the government in regards to the marriage in question and because that is the case, these records are afforded the presumption of regularity such that the contents of the records are presumed to be true and accurate at all times. The party presenting copies of the records in question need not prove that the contents of the records are true and accurate, but they would still have to prove image that they had obtained the record from the proper sources because only such records are given the presumption in question.

The proper source for copies of the records in question could be found either at the national level or the county level, though most requests are made at the county or state level because there are fewer records here that would have to be checked. Note, however, that the reason that there are fewer records here would because of the fact that these offices only keep copies of records for those marriages that were celebrated within their jurisdiction, thus, if the marriage was not celebrated within the county, then the county office would not have copies of the records that are the target of the request. The method to use when making the request would depend on the office where the request would be made, but it would usually be through the mail or in person.

Cuyahoga County Vital Records may also be obtained online through the use of online databases. These online databases are not official sources and because of that, any and all information obtained through them could not be used for official purposes, but they could present the information in question faster and more efficiently.
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