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Strength training should be implemented into a tennis squad training program to assist the players in developing more power in their shots and thus improving their game. It is also essential as a precursor to starting plyometrics training. Too often we see inexperienced trainers and coaches making their young players perform these high-impact power training exercises that have more of a negative impact on the athlete than a positive one. Strength training before Power Training!

I have even seen tennis coaches continue to push their players through a plyometrics training session even while these young athletes complained that their knees were hurting. Lunges are one exercise that will cause major discomfort to a young and underdeveloped player.

There are various factors to take into account in deciding on when to perform weight training in relation to on-court tennis training. Some of these factors include: Time of day Raymond Felton Clippers Jersey , the duration of the tennis training session, how much time is required on the court, how much time can be devoted to strength training, the age of the athletes, the equipment available and do the athletes know how to use the gym.

I have spoken to a number of tennis coaches over the years who have used a light-weight training session using dumbbells before they head out onto the courts. They feel that this fifteen minute session prepares their athletes better and also assists in preventing injuries as their muscles Paul Pierce Clippers Jersey , tendons and ligaments are ready for the explosive movements that they will face while on the tennis court.

There is some evidence suggesting that a light warm-up using weights prior to a tennis session can help in better preparing athletes physically and thus preventing soft-tissue injuries.

As far as conducting a weight session specifically devoted to strength training; I feel that it should be conducted separate from the tennis session. That is not back to back. For example, if you are coaching a college tennis team where you have more flexibility with their training schedules, your athletes could complete a gym session in the morning before the team tennis session in the afternoon which is when most tennis squads train. Allow for the athlete to recover in between their gym session and their tennis session with adequate rest and proper nutrition to boost energy levels for their next session.

Of course, if you are looking for one simple answer as to when they should do a weight session you are not going to get one. By that i mean some athletes prefer to do weights in the morning and some at night. The key is to have several hours rest between the two sessions.

It is often easier to say when you shouldn't do one. Don't try to conduct a weight training session immediately before or after a tennis session, don't complete a session in the gym on the day of a match Marreese Speights Clippers Jersey , don't add new exercises into a routine the day before a match as it will likely cause muscle soreness and finally; create an individualised weight training program for each athlete. One program does not fit all!

You should plan ahead and know what type of tennis session you will conduct that day and whether or not you are in the pre-season, in-season or off-season. These factors must all be taken into account before deciding on how and when to conduct your strength training sessions.

During the post season is when you will want to rest, recover, refresh and deal with any possible injuries. During the pre-season you will want to begin with a progressive strength training session that builds up to a power training program that leads into the competitive season.

If your off season is quite long then you can structure your program to allow for those weaker athletes to spend more time in the gym building their basic strength before starting some plyometrics training. Those already advanced can be introduced into a plyometric training program earlier where possible.

The structure of an in-season training session on-court would depend on when your next game would be. This also applies to individuals and not just squads. You obviously don't want to be introducing any new exercises or power training sessions the day before or the day of a match. It is important to maintain a regular strength training program with at least two to three sessions a week. During the competitive season you will want to reduce the volume by decreasing the number of sets and repetitions and maintain the current weight with a slight increase if needed.

The reason is that during the in-season the intensity of match play will take a toll on the body both mentally and physically. Also, during the on-court sessions you will naturally be performing plyometric exercises when you lunge for a ball Luc Mbah a Moute Clippers Jersey , performing the split-step or performing the continuous bounding and jumping movements that are required in setting up for a shot.

Conduct a needs analysis. What is this you may ask? Well, basically exercise physiologists will conduct a needs analysis for an athlete prior to designing a specific program for them. This needs analysis will test the athlete for their: current flexibility, strength, power, speed JJ Redick Clippers Jersey , agility, assess current injuries, assess potential barriers for the athlete, equipment they use, their nutrition Jamal Crawford Clippers Jersey , what phase of training they are in (in-season, off season), their goals and more.

After a needs analysis they will: Design a program with specific goals for the weight the athlete should use; the number of repetitions and sets; the rest between sets; which muscles to use and in what order; whether or not to include super sets, etc. When they should start adding plyometric exercises to their sessions.

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