Free Fresno County Divorce Records

Marriage is something that, at first glance, would only involve the parties to the marriage and their families, but when one understands the implication of marriage, then one can understand the reasons why marriage is actually something that affects the whole community, indeed, the whole world. It is in this same vein that divorce records like Fresno County Divorce Records are important, because divorce is something that terminates the marriage, and because marriage is something that affects the whole world, it stands to reason that the event that would terminate or dissolve the marriage is also something that would affect the whole world.


The reason why both events are so important has something to do with the status of the person who would image get married. Status is something that would affect the person no matter where he or she may go in his or her life, and it attaches upon the person certain rights, How To Find Fresno County Divorce Records responsibilities, and duties that are binding not only upon the person but also upon the whole world. The fact of being married is a status, and it operates to vest with the married person these rights and responsibilities. Divorce, or the termination of marriage, operates to divest from the person who was previously married these rights, responsibilities, and duties.

It is important to note when one is requesting for copies of divorce records that records are not public records in the sense that they are not Public Fresno County Divorce Records available to the public at all times and at any given circumstance. Divorce records, or at least complete divorce records, are only available to people to the people who have a substantial interest in the divorce. Of course, other people could still request for the copies of the records, but the records that would be given to them would be limited in the sense that they could not be used for official proceedings and would lack certain information because those information would only be of use to the person who are parties, or their relatives, to the divorce. These records are what are known as informational records.

The first step in obtaining informational copies of divorce records would be to obtain the necessary request form and accomplish the same. Note that the request form for informational copies and the request form for certified copies are different and could not be used vice-versa, so the person who would make the request must be careful in obtaining the request form. Once accomplished, the next step would be to send the accomplished request form to the department for processing, together with a money order or personal check to answer for the required fee which would be fourteen dollars per record requested.

Online databases are another source of copies of Fresno County Divorce Decrees, but the online databases that serve as the source of these records are mostly privately owned so even if they could provide substantially the same records at the fraction of the cost charged by the official sources and using a platform that is faster and more efficient, the records provided by these databases could not be used for official purposes.
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