Maine Arrest Records Archived Online

The arrest of an Maine Criminal Records individual is recorded in an arrest record. This is where details about the arrest are documented such as the reason why the individual has been arrested. These types of documents are considered public although there are some who would try to hide their record from the public by expunging their files.

To expunge an arrest records means to remove the file of a certain individual. Not all can request to expunge their files. Crimes such as murder are usually denied for an expunge request. There is also confusion between sealing the record and expunging the record. Sealing the files may mean to hide the details from the general public but expunging it is to completely destroy it. Some state only allows one to seal their files.


If the record is not expunged or sealed it contains a lot of information. Details about how, when and where the involved individual has been arrested are the primary information that can be found on the record. Other relevant information includes the charges given to the individual as well as the hearing schedule or the court schedule. The person's fingerprints and photographs are also included on the record. One can also find the names of those who arrested the individual.

Arrest records are used in a number of ways. One of the primary sources of story for newspaper companies are found on the arrest reports. Those who are running for a government position are being checked and screened Public Arrest Records For Free through their arrest records. This is also one of the files accessed by law enforcing agencies to track image certain individual that have criminal records.

Accessing arrest records are not the same for each state. There are some who allows only authorized individuals to gain access to certain files. Arrest records can be obtained from the office of the county court clerk in most states. It is necessary to provide all information about the arrest in order to get the requested file. There are private agencies that can do the search for you; however, the charges may be expensive compared to doing it on your own. Also, the results of doing the search on your own may not be as accurate. The development of the technology has improved individual search.

Many states now have developed an online system where the arrest files can be requested through the Internet. Searching for the arrest record through the Internet is faster and economy wise. Free arrest records is also possible, however, the results may not be as accurate compared to the results obtained by doing a paid search. A paid search can return a complete and accurate result which is why many would go for this option.
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