Checking Out South Carolina Criminal Records

Most individuals trust anyone at first glance without realizing that there may be more in a certain person than what the eyes have seen. Most of the time, it is someone?s negligence that led him or her to danger. Today, experts have stated that a large percentage of convicted felons will most likely commit a crime again. Hence, people are now urged to seek out South Carolina reference criminal South Carolina Criminal Records records to keep them safe from harm.


South Carolina, also called the Palmetto State, lies in the Deep South, surrounding Georgia and North Carolina. Presently, it is America?s 24th largest state in terms of population with over 4 million residents. Every South Carolinian is authorized by the state government to view and use vital public records for their own well-being.

In this region, the central repository for all criminal records is the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division. This agency governs the Crime Information Center, which consists of the Uniform Crime Reports Section, the Central Records Repository and the CJIS Training Unit. Due to budget constraints, the said office accepts mailed requests but only for applications that need certification or notarization that can?t be accomplished online. Requesters are required to submit a completed criminal records check image form.

The state has also established an online database where individuals can carry out a name-based search. Normally, a $25 search fee per name is demanded. Additionally, applicants must be able to provide the subject?s date of birth, last name and first initial to ensure a productive search.

In the Palmetto State, records of a person?s criminal conviction can possibly be removed through the process of expungement. One of the conditions that will quality a person for this process is when he was charged with a criminal offense but was dismissed by the court. It is also applicable for those who were found not guilty of the alleged crime. Moreover, those who have completed the pre-trial intervention program given by the state can also apply for the removal of their files.

Undoubtedly, Public Criminal Records are of great advantage to everyone. Nowadays, individuals use it to look into the criminal and personal background of anyone, particularly those who seem to be suspicious. The most convenient way to obtain such information these days is by making good use of the Internet. A couple of fee-based search sites are now operational online, giving people the most substantial report for a nominal charge.
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