Geoff Horn and His Great Contribution to Company’s Success

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Geoff Horn has been in the financing industry for years. He currently works with the leading N.Y-based credit card processing company - Pilothouse as the CEO. His job as a CEO also involves assuring that everything within the company runs seamless. Simply put, he also handles management tasks. Throughout the years of working in the company, Geoff has handled the management task well. For those who wanted to know how to be a great finance manager, then seeking some advice from Geoff might be of help.

People who really wanted to be as efficient finance manage as Geoff should consider envisioning themselves as the latter. You need to start acting and thinking like one. To accomplish that, you should first learn the basic characteristics shared by great finance managers. To begin with, Geoff Horn is a business leader who knows how to support and manage his own team in an efficient manner. He does this through facilitating relevant constant professional development. Yet, his support to his staff does not end there, as he is also able to motivate them.

Knowing how to treat the staff with respect and fairness is the primary thing one should learn. Geoff is aware that the ability to manage the company’s workforce and staff properly makes dealing with other company concerns easier. Subsequently, you should be adept about the business technicalities. Furthermore, you should learn how to develop good working relationship with affiliated parties, just like how Geoff Horn build a good relationship with his loyal customers and partners. He simply know the essential factors that is required to be able to get their client’s trust. Of course, he always cherished that trust.

He is using a pro-active approach in overcoming obstacles. He has been anticipating problems and solving them in a way that is pragmatic. He enjoys taking responsibility and has self-imposed standards. He believes that he can identify the results by his own efforts and behavior. There could be setbacks that are in short term. Geoff Horn is knowledgeable about determining his own future in the long term. He also understands that he will attain success in the end if he makes good decisions and works hard.

Another significant characteristic which you should learn is the ability as well as the confidence to make the right investment decision as this helps the business thrive. Geoff knows what investment opportunity to grab and what should be left behind. All of his investments decisions are geared towards business success. To ensure that the decision is the best one, you should learn and understand the nature of financial industry. Geoff has been in the industry for years and has gone through formal trainings related to financing.
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Last but not the least will be the confidence in communicating with colleagues and clients alike. Having the ability to persuade individuals will also help. With combined persuasion ability and confidence, Geoff Horn has succeeded in attaining his business goals. Of course, the aforementioned characteristic is not the sole factors that turns Geoff into an efficient financial manager but also because he is persistent, assertive, and tact.

Geoff Horn is the founder at the same time the CEO of the Pilothouse and Capital Advance Solutions. Pilothouse is an ecommerce consultancy and a registered payment processing ISO. Capital Advance Solutions is also considered as national lending platform and a funding concierge as wellCapital Advance Solutions is a funding concierge and a national lending platform as well. Since he is in the industry for many years already, he already gained great experiences about financial services making him capable of achieving success. The said man has the skills helping him be on top as well as the knowledge making him do things effectively. He finished his high school years in Sheepshead Bay High School and his college years in Kingsborough Community College.

Geoff Horn has this responsibility of dealing with the business growth strategies and management since he is the CEO of the Pilothouse. Right from being founded, the company has offered credit card processing solutions to
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