Dr. Irfan Atcha – Characteristics that Makes Him an Ideal Dentist

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The current field of implantology looks too different from what it was ten years ago. Dental implants have been a well-known teeth replacement method for the last fifty years. However, it is only with the current surgical protocol changes and innovations in the technology that dentist acquired the power to offer such as a solution to wide ranging patient cases. Yet, only few offer the said service. Among those few is Dr. Irfan Atcha.

Dr. Atcha is certified to provide All-on-4 treatment to patients with painful dentures or has dull partial bridges. All-on-4 is an innovative, modern method that patients can take advantage of. Individuals who have lost their natural dentition because of a gum disease mostly benefit from this. This method is regarded as todays most sophisticated solution for teeth replacement. Dr. Irfan Atcha has already changed the lives of countless patients whom he provided with the said treatment.

Dr. Atcha, the leading restorative and cosmetic dentist and Implantlogist has recently received a prominent award in the dentistry niche. The recognition somehow served as a commendation for his job well done. Dr. Atcha has been recognized as the 2016 Top Doctor in Chicago. The organization who offers such award have asked for reviews from patients and from the selected dental practices, the result have been the basis of selection. In simple terms, the patients are the one who really have given the award to Doctor Atcha. This simply proves the fact that Dr. Atcha is really taking great heights just to give his clients with quality service. Yet, the greatest thing about Dr. Irfan Atcha is that he never is selfish; he admitted that he would not be able to earn this award without the help of his ever-dedicated wonderful staff. He also sent his regards to his generous patients who reviewed him for the award.

All-on-4 solutions delivered by an experienced and expert dental expert such as Dr. Atcha is undoubtedly the safest, easiest, and sought-after solution to serious dental concerns. This solution is indeed recognized as the best in terms of dental implant, yet, the end result still varies. One should look for a dentist who has extensive knowledge and experience on this niche, only through which a patient will be able ensure with the finest all-on-4 dental implant solution. However, with Dr. Irfan Atcha, all patients will be assured with the most effective and reliable All-on-4 solution.

Dr. Atcha has already reached the 500th successful full-mouth reconstruction. His knowledge and skills about All-on-4 has been handed down to him by the protocol’s pioneer and his mentor, Dr. Paulo Malo. With long list of successful dental implants, it is no wonder that Dr. Atchan is considered as the most well-versed and experienced implantologist. Well, that is not to include the thousand other tooth(tooth) replacement he has performed.

Apparently, no one can beat Dr. Atcha’s experience in providing All-on-4 implant. It is also worth to mention that this implantologist perform an all-on-4 solutions in a compassionate and comfortable fashion. His expertise, experience, and the way he treat his patients justify why patients across Chicago and nearby areas seek for Dr. Irfan Atcha. The patients have leaved their dental problems to the care of this implantologist partly because of his formidable reputation in the field. He always make sure that his patients will go back home with perfectly aligned teeth.

Countless Americans avoid dentists mainly because of the fear shaped by a pain felt either on the last adult visit or experienced upon dentist visit when one was still a child. This only indicates that you are not the only one who hate visiting dentist. Yet, dental consultation remains a necessity no matter how you hate a dentist. Yet, in reality, this should not be the case. If you are looking for a dentist who delivers comfortable dentistry, then Dr. Irfan Atcha will be fit.

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