Marriage Records Searches

During the time when there were no file keeping systems yet and when computer technology was still relatively an unknown, important public dossiers like marriage records were kept by the government and by the Churches. It was a rule that every marriage had to be recorded, regardless of whether it took place in the civil courts or in Church. Later on, newspapers started to publish engagement and wedding announcements, and this became the people?s primary way of gathering public information. Today, however, with all the modern technology available to us, things have become simpler and easier. For example, if you need to do a Marriage records search, the first thing you should know is which office to approach in filing your request for obtaining the dossier.

No matter where you are in the US, you have three options when filing a request for marriage records access: the Division of Vital Records of the state you reside in, the State Archives Office, and the clerk?s office of the county where the marriage took place. These offices have their own rules and instructions that image need to be followed by anyone doing a Public marital records search request. There are general requirements, however, such as providing the complete name of the couple on the record (including their nicknames, alternate names, and the alternative spellings of their names).


You also have to indicate your relationship to the couple and the reason for your request. Additionally, you are required to give your complete name and address, along with your photo ID, signature, and driver?s license details, as some states often ask for these. A self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) is an important requirement when requesting for any public records access.

The information contained in a marriage record includes the following: complete name of the bride and groom (including the bride?s maiden name), place where marriage took place, and the date of marriage. You may also find this added information in the record: names of marriage witnesses and information about previous marriages.

When you request for a Marriage records search via a county, state, or government office, you may find yourself tested as it is not only the long list of requirements that you should consider. You also have to be ready to wait for a number of days or weeks before your request is granted. In addition to this, you will also have to prepare for the fees; every request that you make has an equivalent payment. This might drain your pockets, especially if you are the kind who watches your budget tightly. To avoid this dilemma, you should consider turning to independent online record providers when searching for marriage records. It is the most convenient and efficient choice that you can make. With their easy-to-access comprehensive and regularly updated database, you are guaranteed to get your request after only a few minutes. No need to wait for days or weeks!

With independent online record providers, your Public marital records search becomes a practical outing. These online providers may require you to pay a fee, but it is one of a very small amount. Also, you only need to pay the fee once ? not every time that you request for a record! And to add icing to the cake, you get unlimited access for this minimal one-time fee!
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