Public San Joaquin County Arrest Records Search

The first and the best place to visit when researching for San Joaquin County Arrest Records is the San Joaquin County Sheriff?s Office. The San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office has a Records Division which is responsible for the receiving, image recording, maintaining, processing and retrieving of official records, documents, incident reports, and San Joaquin County Arrest Records initiated and investigated by the Sheriff. The Records Division is considered the main hub and the central processing unit for criminal records. It is also responsible for releasing information and copies of criminal and custody records to other law enforcement agencies and to the public.


Arrest records provide very useful legal information. These records are mostly used in background checks and in investigations. An arrest record is different from a criminal record. Arrested are not yet convicted. It may only mean that he had a run-in with the law. The person involved is still innocent until proven guilty. An arrest record should not be the sole basis in accepting applicants, for example, during the hiring process.

California, like most states in the US, is an open-records state. It allows its citizens access to information in the possession of the state. California Arrest Records and other public information may be reviewed at any time, and copies may be requested from the departments and law enforcement agencies that maintain the records.

To obtain a report, one must and fill out a request form or submit a request via mail. The fee for an average report is $10.00. Additional charges may be collected based on the size of the report. Although arrest information is considered public, some may be withheld from the public, especially where the release of such information may affect an ongoing investigation. It may be advisable to contact the office first to be aware of the proper policies and procedures. The requestor must also show valid identification prior to the release of a report. The Sheriff?s Office is open on normal business hours, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Another more convenient but equally effective way to search for arrest records is through the San Joaquin Sheriff website. The website allows the general public the ability to check the sheriff?s activities by clicking on the Sheriff?s Activity Log. This log contains the daily activities of the department including a brief summary of the calls or reports they received. The website also has a Who?s in Custody link which allows the users to search for individuals that are currently in custody or pending a court appearance in the county. Users may obtain information on the individual such as his/ her charges, bail, court date, arresting agency, when arrested, visiting hours, where he is currently housed, tentative release date, any holds placed by other agencies.

Other public websites on the internet may also provide a databases for a San Joaquin County Arrest Log. Users must use with caution. Because these websites are not provided by the state, information here may not be as accurate.
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