Arkansas Marriage License Records

As the 25th state to be inducted to the union, Arkansas is inhabited by more than two and a half million people. The state is located in the southern region of the United States. It is made up of 75 Arkansas Marriage License Records counties with populations ranging from around five thousand to about a quarter of a million. As far as accessing vital documents, such as Arkansas marriage records, is concerned, the state has the Arkansas Department of Health to deal with those affairs.


The Arkansas Department of Health, abbreviated as ADH, is responsible for the proper issuance of all vital records in the state dating all the way back to 1917. Any events Free Public Marriage And Divorce Records recorded prior to the said year are not available at this department. The county court clerk is responsible for the storage and maintenance of the actual copies of marriage certificates. So for old records that date back prior to 1917, only the court clerk?s office of the county where the marriage has occurred has copies of such documents.

Nowadays, the best way to gain access to marriage license records, or any type of vital record for that matter, is via the Internet. The emergence of the World Wide Web has spawned a number of data search websites and a variety of online information gathering services. But before all that, you should consider visiting the ADH?s official website. Here, you will find reliable information with regards to the proper acquisition of certified copies of vital records and other essential documents.

In actuality, the Arkansas Department of Health does not really issue the actual copies of Arkansas marriage records; the county court clerk has those documents. In its place, the department issues a coupon of marriage that serves as legal proof that the marriage was legit. The ADH also provides documents regarding births, deaths and divorce records. But as previously mentioned if you want access to the actual copies of the certificates, you?re going to need to make an appointment at the county clerk?s office where the nuptials were recorded.

Taking the time to visit the ADH?s website can help shed some light on certain aspects, especially with the proper procedures and the requirements that all applicants must meet. You can find some of the important details in the site?s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. But if you don?t want to go through government policies just to conduct some kind of research, there is a better alternative that can help you gather the information you need.

As previously mentioned in this article, the increasing availability of the Internet has given birth to all kinds of online information services. And among the most prominent ones are commercial record providers. For a reasonable fee, you can gain access to the website?s comprehensive database of marriage license records and other vital documents that may be relevant to your search. These professionals keep accurate and up-to-date image information pertaining to vital records, not just in the state of Arkansas, but in the remaining 49 states as well. Provided that the record you are looking for exists, you will get your search results in just a matter of seconds. No hassle.
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