Public San Francisco County Arrest Records

Information is a vital component in any organization. Some organizations allow you to have free access to information while there are also others where access to information is allowed but restricted. Such is the case in the state of California especially when it comes to California Arrest Records.


Maintenance and management of arrest records is given to the California Department of Justice Public Resources section. And unlike other states where such information image is treated as public information, California has a Public Records Act which Public San Francisco County Arrest Records regards criminal history records and arrest records to be confidential information. Although this may be the case, access to the said documents is still permitted for some individuals such as law enforcers, authorized employers, regulatory agencies, and the individual himself. Access is also limited because of the meticulous process involved in making a request. When it comes to individual requests, this is permitted but only for the purpose of checking and verifying the accuracy and completeness of the document.

Requests for arrest documents are carried out for different purposes. It can be for official purposes or for verification purposes. Companies may have this as a requirement that a job applicant must comply with before being Gathering San Francisco County Arrest Records Information officially employed. This is their means of making sure that the employee they intend to hire does not have any derogatory record on file. Other employers may simply just want to check and verify for themselves the information that you have provided on your resume.

The California Department of Justice is the one who processes requests for these documents. Several processes have to be followed before you can obtain your own copy of an arrest document. You must first make a written request stating the reason why you want to obtain a copy. Along with this letter, the requesting party also has to provide their date of birth, gender, and address as well as a 10-print fingerprint card. The processing fee costs about $25. It is only after complying with these requirements will your request be processed.

There is another alternative that you can try which can save you all this hassle. This is through the use of online commercial search sites. You just need an Internet connection and right away you can conduct your search from home, at the office or wherever you may be, at any time you want. Just supply the name of the person you are looking up and specify the location. And for a minimal fee of $19.95, you can already get a comprehensive report.

Arrest Records reveal a lot about a person since this can contain information regarding both major arrests and minor arrests. This information can be a great help to any person or organization before deciding to employ the services of someone. And you can get this information easier, faster, and more convenient through online commercial search sites.
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