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To understand the importance of divorce records like Henry County Divorce Records, one must first understand the importance of the fact of divorce. Divorce is a legal proceeding that would terminate the marriage of two couples, and while it is true that the decision to get a divorce is something that would usually involve only two people, it must also be noted that the fact of divorce is something that would have effects that would be binding upon the world. This is but natural given that marriage is something that would have effects that would be binding upon the world, and thus, that which would dissolve the marriage would also have effects that would bind the whole world.


Divorce is one of the few events that could dissolve a marriage, and when the same is granted, the person who had gotten the divorce would regain certain rights, responsibilities, duties, and obligations that he or she may have lost when he or she had gotten married. Amongst these rights would be the right to get married to whoever such person would want to get married to. It must be noted that the fact of the marriage is something that would restrict the choices of the still married couple in regards to the question of who that person could marry to a single person, and that would be the person to whom he or she is already married.

Divorce records are official records and this designation means that these records are presumed to be true and accurate at all times. The party who would present these records would be under no obligation to prove that the contents of the records are true and accurate, though they may be asked to prove that they had obtained the records in question from the proper sources as only such records could be given the presumption. It must also be noted that because these records are not public records, the law Henry County Divorce Records identifies a limited number of people as the proper parties who could request for copies of these records, though the fact that a person is not amongst those who are included in the list would not affect the Georgia Marriage Records Online Free presumption of regularity when these records are presented before the proper tribunal.

One could make the request for copies of the records at both the national or state level and the local or county level. In general, a request at the local level would be faster as there would be fewer records at this level that would have to be searched, but one must note that local level offices are rather limited in the sense that they could only show records for divorces that were granted within their territorial jurisdiction only.

Copies of Henry County Vital Records may also be obtained online through the use of online databases, though note that image these databases are not official sources, hence, they could not be given the presumption of regularity even if the information that they could provide would be substantially the same as that which may be found from the various official sources.
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