The model was run for the scenario of cattle

Evapotranspiration was not transformed directly. Instead, transformed values for temperature and Brivanib Alaninate  were used to calculate the Makking reference evapotranspiration (Hiemstra, 2011).
The transformations resulted in a 30 year-time series, where each year represents a possible scenario for the climate in 2050 or 2085. Changes in transmission of pathogens to surface water by runoff were calculated for both years under the GL and WH climate scenario (see supplemental material S3). The GL scenarios were evaluated using the lower limit of image the prediction band for changes of precipitation in summer and the WH scenarios with the upper limit to create the most conservative and extreme predictions.
2.4. Sensitivity of the individual processes
As explained before, different processes determine the concentration at the outlet catchment, namely: release, decay in the faeces, decay in the water and dilution. To examine the individual effect of these processes, a sensitivity analysis was conducted.
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