Chitosan has found applications in many fields including

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Chitosan-based flocculants; Structure-activity relationship; Structural factors; Flocculation mechanism; Chemical modification; Water treatment
1. Introduction
The rapid development of modern industries throughout Z VDVAD FMK world has been image accompanied by the production of various wastewaters containing different types of dissolved and undissolved contaminants and therefore of increasingly severe water pollution (Schwarzenbach et?al., 2006 and Shannon et?al., 2008). To address this problem, a broad range of technologies, such as coagulation/flocculation (Dao et?al., 2016, Jiang, 2015, Lee et?al., 2014 and Matilainen et?al., 2010), adsorption (Crini, 2005 and Qu, 2008), oxidation/reduction (Arena et?al., 2015, Chen, 2004, Liu et?al., 2015 and Oturan and Aaron, 2014), membrane filtration (Fane et?al., 2015, Hillis, 1988 and Pendergast and Hoek, 2011), and biotechnology (dos Santos et?al., 2007, Imran et?al., 2015 and Vela et?al., 2015), have been developed and employed in water treatment.
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