Searching Fulton County Arrest Records

The reason why arrest records like Fulton County Arrest Records are some of the most requested for records from the government is because these are the official records of the government in Fulton County Arrest Search regards to the criminal background of the person named in the record, and such information is usually something that is of great importance to the community given that the background of a person is something that other people would rely upon in order to decide for themselves whether or not such person could be trusted. In this regard, it must be noted that a person who has no arrest record in his or her name is more likely to be trusted than the one who does have an arrest record because, rightly or wrongly, people take the fact of the existence of a criminal record as something negative.


Of course, these image records are dependable, but one must also take into consideration the fact that these records are also not complete in the sense that they would only show the criminal background of the person named in the record and nothing else. The records would not reflect any rehabilitation that the person had gone through in order to pay his or her debt to society, though because most of the people who are making the Clicking Here request just wants to know if the person has a criminal background in the first place, the fact that these records would only show such information is not seen as a limitation.

The reason why these records are the best evidence is because these records enjoy the presumption of regularity which means that these records would be presumed to be correct at all times and whatever the circumstances. Of course, the presumption would only apply to records that were obtained from the proper sources, thus, if the records were not obtained from the official archives, they would not be afforded the presumption in question.

Copies of the records may be obtained from a number of sources, and one of those sources would be the office of the clerk of court where the arrest had taken place. to make the request at this level, the person interested in the record would have to make his or her request in person, and while this would mean travel on the part of the person making the request, do note that requests made in person are often more efficient for they are usually completed within the same day of the request and it is also possible to make bulk request for there is no need to submit individual application or request forms when ordering in bulk.

Copies of Fulton County Arrest Logs are also available online through the use of online databases which are mostly privately owned databases but could still present information that is roughly similar to that which may be found in the official archives. As they are not official sources, any and all information obtained from these sources are not subject to the presumption of regularity, but they could provide such information faster and more efficiently.
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