Waterproof Sunlight Readable Display

We can source the HDMI style, may well i know you utilized it for private or promote to other customers? You should notify me the order amount? The selling price is based on it. I am searching for a stretched Liquid crystal display observe for a property undertaking. I observed your U19-360 and its dimensions would be ideal for this. It would have to have a HDMI port, and it would be delivered to Italy. How a great deal would it value? Many thanks for a reply! Sent from this internet site: Bar Slash Liquid crystal display Manufacture Hello, I am interested in your ultra large bar LCDs. For a undertaking I need one Lcd of precise proportions. The outline dimensions I demand is shut to, but not a lot less than, 273.0mm(W) x 97.6mm(H) x 12mm(D). I see that your item product U12-256 fits these needs, however I am seeking for a monitor with a resolution higher than the 1024x256 offered by the U12-256. If possible how a lot would it charge ($USD) to get the tailor made Liquid crystal display? How substantially would it charge image to order 1 count of the U12-256 Lcd? Hi all over again, Stretched liquid crystal display What is the specification of the U14-390 Lcd, I am having trouble locating it listed on the website.
Anyway, for these goods I have to have to know the cost for one parts for order of: 5 or ten, 100, one thousand or 5000 pieces Tax and dogbane price and of class transport price tag to ship to Italy. And even how numerous days you want to ship the display to us (far more or much less) We can provide the liquid crystal display kits, contain the panel, A/D board, driving board, (no scenario), everything can satisfy your needs.  Remember to kindly uncover the attachment product list and permit me know which design you require?  I'm producing a form of advertising and marketing instrument and I'm interested in 1 of your bar show (I observed on Alibaba some of your products). I require at the minute yust some pieces for realize a prototipe of my unit. I'm interested in size of 26" or 21" conclude 32" in 16:three or sixteen:4 format I yust need to have the show with electronics part and output but without having the scenario, if it is feasible to keep the cost as lower as doable!. Can you deliver me a quotation for 3 or five or 10 parts ? I require even the stretched displays delivery price and shipping time to ship the product in Italy.
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