Virus inactivation is commonly described by a first order inactivation

2. Material and methods
2.1. Inactivation experiments
Prevailing conditions for each experiment are given in Table 1. In experiments A – E, Ubenimex ranged from pH 4 – pH 8 at a constant sodium concentration of 1 mM. In experiments F – Q, the combined effects of pH (pH 5 – pH 8) and sodium concentration (1, 10 and 20 mM) on inactivation were investigated. In experiments R – T, the effect of calcium concentration (1, 1.5 and 3 mM) at the same IS was studied. Experiments A – E were conducted at 12 ± 05 °C and experiments F – T at image 9.5 ± 0.5 °C. Note that these ranges of conditions (temperature, pH, sodium and calcium concentration) are representative for Dutch groundwater shallow aquifers (Sadeghi et al., 2011).
Table 1.
    Experimental conditions.ExperimentpHNaHCO3 mMNaCl mMCaCl2 mMIS mM°CNDuration daysBest modelA401.0001126191B501.0001126191C60.010.9901126191D70.070.9301126191E80.720.2801126191F501.00019.5122741G5010.000109.5122741H5020.000209.5122741I60.010.99019.5122741J60.019.990109.5122741K60.0119.990209.5122743L70.070.93019.5122744M70.089.920109.5122744N70.0819.920209.5122742O80.720.28019.5132744P80.769.240109.5132742Q80.7919.210209.5132744R70.088.420.5109.5121842S70.085.421.5109.571002T70.080.923109.5111704Total number (N) of muscle fibers measurements208Best model 1: one-rate; 2: two-rate; 3: Weibull; 4: log-square.Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV
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