Monterey County Marriage Record


There are three basic yet essential information which you can usually find in a marriage record, these are the exact names of the bride and groom and the date and place where the marital union take place. Regardless of whatever state you reside, a marriage decree is regarded as an important part of a person's life thus the government made certain that the general public who are in need of it are able to retrieve the same without any delay. Thus, with the emergence of the worldwide web, any inquiry made regarding certain Monterey County marriage records, may turn to the online resources to achieve important facts or recover duplicate copies.

In the state of California, there are two types of certified copies of a marriage decree which are given to the Public Monterey County Marriage Records requesting parties. First is the certified authorized duplicate and second is the certified informational copy. One must be aware that authorized copies are only allowed to be released to certain persons such as those whose names appear in the marriage file, their parents or legal guardians. The same type of document can also be requested by law enforcement personnel or those individuals who are performing an official business. The informational copies on the other hand contain the same details as with the authorized duplicates but the former is not valid to be used as a proof to establish a person's identity.

Those who want to request image for a certified copy of a particular marriage license may proceed to the California Department of Public Health. Your request will cost you $14.00 and said amount is payable to the said agency. Requests made to the above-mentioned agency will have a longer processing period so another option is to make an order via the clerk's office of the specific county where the marriage permit was issued.

Obtaining a license in the state of California is not that difficult. It is however, very important that both individuals who want to get marry must appear in person in the county clerk's office. Each person must be able to present a valid identification to show proof of one's identity and exact age. One may bring his or her driver's license, military ID or passport. One need not perform any blood test as the state has no requirement for such in the application of the marriage license. One must be mindful that the said permit has a validity of 90 days after the date of its issuance. If no marriage has been performed within the 90-day period, the said license will become invalid. The applicable fees for the marriage license may vary from one location to another.

All marriage events that occurred in Monterey County are registered in the proper government agencies such as the county clerk's office and the Department of Public Health. All other Monterey County Marraige License Records concerns relating to the Monterey County vital records can be addressed by the appropriate local or state bureaus so you may want to check online on how you can be able to contact such agencies. Or better yet, you can just utilize the various electronic databases available online for quicker results.
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