Chemical analysis Dissolved phase concentrations

In addition to antibiotic classes, in this Adriamycin HCl study, the occurrence and fate of the two widely used antimicrobial agents (TCC and TCS) were also investigated. It can be seen from Table 2 that TCC and TCS were ubiquitously detected in the raw influent and treated effluent samples. In fact, these compounds are commonly used in many household and personal care products, i.e. soaps, toothpastes, and shampoos (Cha and Cupples, 2009). In this study, TCC was more often detected at higher concentrations than TCS. In contrast, in most studies in North America and Europe (Table 3), TCS frequently showed higher concentration than TCC in both raw influent and treated effluent (Guerra et?al., 2014 and Kosma et?al., 2014).
For treated wastewater samples, oviducts can be seen from Table 2 that concentrations of most target antimicrobials in secondary effluent (A2) and MF permeate (B2) samples were significantly lower than those in the raw influent (unpaired image T-test, p < 0.05), indicating a high elimination of these compounds in municipal WWTP.
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