Galveston Arrest Record


The chief repository of all criminal records in the state of Texas is the Department of Criminal Justice. Whether you are in Online Galveston County Arrrest Records search for the Galveston County arrest records or any other arrest event in the region, the aforementioned agency is the proper venue to conduct your inquiry. There are three options which you can choose from in order to go about your request. You can send your demand online, via telephone or through postal services.

If you want to perform an online query, you can make use of the Offender Information Search facility of the aforementioned agency. However, you will need to input specific details such as the complete name of the arrested person, his or her identification number and sex. Once you have provided these data you can immediately begin your search. The image results of your search will give you information pertaining to the offense committed by the prisoner, his or her present location and estimated date of release. It is also worthy to note that only the names of those prisoners and parolees who are under the jurisdiction of the Department of Criminal Justice are revealed in every search conducted through the above-mentioned online feature.

Furthermore, for those who want to make a request over the telephone, the details that will be revealed to you are limited only to the current status and the whereabouts of the offender. Also, you need to mention the full name of the offender and his or her identification number to facilitate the processing of your request. If you are not familiar with the prisoner's identification number, you can provide the person's complete date of birth instead. Orders made via email are also acceptable as long as one can provide the same basic information of the prisoner such as his or her full name, identification number or birth date.

An online database has been provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety so the general public can easily make an inquiry anytime of the day. The said feature is referred to as the Computerized Criminal History and such is accessible to anyone. However, one must set-up his or her account and acquires credits every time one needs to conduct a search. Purchase of the said credits can be made via check or through a credit card payment. You must also take note of the additional charges you need to pay such as the convenience fee amounting to 2.25% of your credit card purchase or $1.25 for check payments.

The worldwide web can Galveston County Arrrest Records Online Database direct you to various online locations which can help you to get the reports you want by providing some basic information. As you browse the numerous electronic databases via the Internet, you can view the names of the arrested individuals in Galveston County, their age at the time of arrest and the charges filed against them. Also, the Galveston County mug shots are also available for your online examination to give you a closer look of the persons who were arrested in your locality.
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