California Birth Certificate


In some instances, like establishing an identity, California Birth Records is truly a huge help. On the whole, this kind of paper holds essential information about a particular person who was born in this locality. Normally, it contains the individual?s full legal name, address, date and place of birth, parent?s names, the physician?s name and so on. Thus, it?s also an excellent evidence of someone?s present age.

Starting July 1, 2003, files of births in the state of California have two Free Birth Records California categories: a certified copy and a certified informational copy. During that time, the state has put into practice a number of restrictions in acquiring related information to avoid identity theft. Certified copies of birth certificates are of great advantage in proving identity of registrant and are only given to the registrant, his parents or legal guardians, authorized law enforcers, a person having a court order, accredited adoption offices or attorney searching for the data, his siblings, grandparents, household partner and Free Birth Certificate offspring.

However, certified informational copy of birth certificates are marked with ?INFORMATIONAL. NOT A VALID DOCUMENT TO ESTABLISH IDENTITY? across the entire paper. These documents are not acceptable in confirming one?s image identity and can be acquired by any member of the community.

In California, data regarding births that were recorded within the region beginning July 1, 1905 up to present can be asked for at the state?s Department of Health Services, Office of Vital Records. But, for past files, applications must be forwarded in writing to the County Recorder in the county where the individual was born. An amount of $15 per copy is required before search results are released to the requester. Charges can be paid through check, money order or personal checks.

Good thing, for documents that bear some mistakes, the procedure of amendment is permitted. This process can also be done to add more information to the birth record. But, be informed that the procedure can be very particular and tiresome. Specific steps on how to do it are available at the state?s official site online. If you know that a file is being changed, you must wait for it to be finished before requesting for a certified duplicate; or else, you might receive an un-amended file.

Everything is quite simpler and faster these times than before. In fact, today, Public Birth Records can already be acquired merely in one sitting. These days, private record providers thrive over the Internet to offer you precisely what you want. The smallest amount of time and a reasonable cost is all it requires to finish your search.
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