Online Texas Divorce Records

It may be funny to think about but the grievous truth is such a ?vow of love? can just be legally terminated. Despite the fact that it is the own personal choice of the involved spouses, details pertaining to Texas Divorce Records can be traced by anyone who wants to confirm the existence of a particular occurrence of divorce. Unlike the other vital statistics specifically births and death events, which are ?closed? or ?protected? records, divorce lists as well as matrimony files are available for purchase or download (free) from the Texas government website.

Just like other state-filed public documents, the guidelines or laws that govern them may vary per state. The Department of State Health Services, Vital Statistics section in Texas provides services for citizens who want to request for such documentations. It is Are Divorce Decrees Public important to remember though that the mentioned state office can only grant letters of verifications for Texas Divorce Records dissolutions of marriages that occurred within the state. These formal letters are actually based on the image divorce applications forwarded from the district clerk office. Consequently, if you need an actual decree for a certain divorce, it must be taken from the district clerk in the district where the marriage dissolutions was processed and approved. You can use the divorce lists as trackers of district office where the actual decree is kept.


The letters of verifications that you may request from the Vital Records bureau are considered as official evidences for a ?single status?. Bear in mind, however, that they are not legal replacement for decrees of terminations of nuptials. So if you want to order a Texas divorce record, it is highly recommended that you verify your specific needs before proceeding with your orders. You need to know if a verification letter can fully meet your intended use or not. Divorce filings available at the office of Vital Statistics are those that took place starting the year 1968 to present.

Web-based and manual systems are accessible for requesting records of dissolutions of marriages. Via the internet, you can use the government tool or other professional records lookup sites. Manually, you can drop in the Vital Statistics bureau in Austin or use regular US postal service in mailing your application forms. Such forms are downloadable from the state portal or you may also pick one up from the state bureau. The cost per record application is $20. Return of results and processing times can vary depending on the mode of application used.

Fee-based commercial retrievals are the fastest in terms of public file data-gather. You can locate a good site, register and get various types of data such as criminal information records, federal data, driving or motor vehicle files, genealogy information, property filings, Divorce Court Records, among many others that can truly help you evaluate anyone of interest.

The online route is really practical for those who want to perform express and private record inquiry without the hassle of fixed conditions. Now, you got the liberty to obtain all sorts of files via these handy tools. Divorces and marriages are among the most important data that you would want to check especially in knowing the real history of a person.
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