attended to by the medical staff.

TBI Treatment Santa Fe Procedures TBI Treatment Santa Fe Procedures February 21 David Justice Braves Jersey , 2014 | Author: Serena Price | Posted in Education
Traumatic brain injury or TBI can change a person’s life dramatically. It is usually classified as either mild or severe. The type of injury determines the TBI treatment Santa Fe that will be offered to a patient.

The initial treatment of a TBI commences as soon as the patient arrives at the hospital. A team of medical professionals will normally be on hand to assess the patient. The team will commence with resuscitation procedures and constantly monitor the vital functions of the patient. If there are any life-threatening changes or conditions, these will be attended to by the medical staff.

One of the treatment methods used are acute and this involves the minimization of secondary trauma and offers life support for the patient. During the treatment procedures, the medical personnel may make use of mechanical ventilation equipment to aid the patient in breathing and to keep the pressure in the brain cavity low. If it is required, the TBI treatment Santa Fe professionals may make the choice to install a pressure control and monitoring device into the patient’s brain cavity.

The patient is normally sedated during the treatment procedure. If the patient is agitated and has endured intense trauma, it may become necessary to induce a coma. This will aid in the minimization of agitation and secondary trauma. The doctors may provide seizure prevention medication to the patient. Other drugs that may be given to the patient include those that will eliminate spastic movements as the patient regains function over their body.

The doctors will have the option to choose surgical procedures should the patient require it. If the patient is suffering from cranial bleeding Dale Murphy Braves Jersey , the medical professionals will need to drain the blood. At the same time, it may be necessary to repair the vessels and the tissue that is causing the bleeding.

When patients sustain severe injury to the brain, the tissues in the brain may be damaged which could cause swelling within the brain. In this instance, the doctors may have to remove the dead tissues in the brain to provide space for the living tissue. If the patient has suffered a skull fracture, this will require surgery for repair. The choice of surgical procedures is normally done to prevent further complications arising from secondary injuries. It aids in providing sufficient flow of blood and oxygen to the brain. This helps to reduce any swelling and pressure that is present.

Most patients Chipper Jones Braves Jersey , once stabilized, are moved to a rehabilitative center for further therapy. As in the acute care facility, the patient will still be cared for by a team of medical professionals who specialize in caring for trauma victims. At this stage of treatment, the patient will need to participate in therapy sessions. Patients may initially require assistance for simple tasks, such as eating Bud Norris Braves Jersey , getting out of their bed and brushing their teeth. The trauma may have caused the patient’s balance and memory to be affected. This implies that the patient will need help from staff on a continuing basis.

Patients who suffer traumatic brain injuries require intensive care. The process of TBI treatment Santa Fe may be a long and arduous journey for those affected by this type of injury. It could affect the patient in a negative way, leading to the need for further treatment from physiotherapists and neuropsychologists.

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