Quick Florida Marriage Records Search

Free Florida Marriage Records Public Lookup marriage is undeniably the biggest and the happiest occasion in the life of a person. However, it is sad to note that most of them fell apart and would turn sour as time goes by which will then result to filing for divorce. Based on statistics, there are close to half of Americans whose marriage subsequently got divorced. Marriage Records usually include information such as the marriage date, bride?s maiden name, groom?s name and bride and groom?s ages.


The State of Florida won?t be left behind in keeping these marriage records that are open for public use as mandated by the Florida public records law or image the Sunshine Law. Florida Marriage Records is said to be commonly found in newspaper collections, official county marriage books, church registers, and old family Bibles. Most of them have been posted online already for easier access by the public.

Together with birth, death, and divorce records, marriage records form the vital records under the Department of Health of Florida. As part of being a public record, this Marriage Records Florida can be accessed by anyone as long as proper protocol and procedures are followed. No matter what your purpose is in searching for these records, marriage records have become one of the most searched records in Florida and even nationwide.

In Florida, marriage records that are recorded before June 6, 1927 are retrievable at the Clerk of Court of that particular county where the marriage license was issued. Beyond such date, all data are already uploaded and stored at the state repository in the Office of Vital Statistics located at Jacksonville that also reports into the Florida Department of Health.

With the rise of the Internet, people can now gain access to these marriage records online aside from the traditional on-site option. It has basically gained its popularity since searching online assures privacy and discretion, convenience, vast options and immediacy. When it comes to these online marriage record searches, you have the option to select any of the two versions that you can use: the free-of-charge and the fee-based. The former provides a bit of information while the latter is recommended for official and serious purposes. It is therefore necessary for you to choose well as to which commercial record provider you should trust since the reliability of the information that you?ll get will depend on them.

Indeed, Public Marriage Records are readily available at the government agency so that there should be no more reasons why someone can?t perform a search for whatever reason at all. When you search for these records, you will usually be able to Florida Marriage Records Search obtain details including the personal particular of the couple, their parents?, witnesses, as well as the name of the person who initiated the marriage ceremony, and other records such as divorce and birth records.
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