Sutter County Arrest Log

The criminal background of a person is always something that the Sutter County Jail Mugshots people around him would want to know because people tend to judge other people on the basis of what they had done in the past. Of course, the person who has a criminal background is also aware of that, hence, the reason why such a person would typically do his best to hide or gloss over such information in regards to him. Thus, it is typically impossible for a person to be able to get from the person himself details regarding his criminal past, and when such information must be known to the person making the inquiry, he could typically depend upon arrest records like Sutter California Arrest Records County Arrest Records.


The reason is because these records are the official records of the government in regards to the criminal background of the person named in the record. This means that these are the records that enjoy the presumption of regularity, a presumption that means that the records would be presumed true at all times, though one could still overturn the presumption through the use of competent evidence. It must also be noted that the presumption applies only if the records were obtained from the proper sources which is why while a party need not prove that the contents of the record are true, they may ask image to prove that they had obtained the same from the proper sources.

Arrest records are also public records, and this classification means that any person may make a valid request for the same at all times even if they do not have a good reason or a reason at all. It is theoretically possible for a person to ask for copies of the records just because he needed an official government paper with something written on it, but because these records do not come free, typically, those who make the request have a legitimate reason for making the request.

A request for copies of these records may be done at a number of offices, but perhaps the best place to make the request would be at the office of the sheriff for this is the place where the records begin their lives in the first place. the method for making the request at this office would require the person interested in the record to make the request in person, and while this may mean travel time, one must note that requests made in person are often completed within the same day of the request, which makes them faster, and more efficient. It is also possible to make requests in bulk when making the request in person as there would be no need for multiple application forms having to be sent through mail.

Sutter County Criminal Records may also be requested for online through the use of online databases. The importance of the information had seen many online archives keep copies of the records, and while these archives do not enjoy the presumption of regularity as they are not official sources, one must note that the records that they could present are also substantially similar to that which may be found from the official archives.
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