Although MTR has been considered

Our findings support the need of multimodal analysis for the best characterization of structural changes in the typical development of the white matter. Although parameters of diffusion are subjected to the interference of myelin content, which provides a restrictive barrier that hinders diffusion in the bundle, these findings suggest that myelination has already stabilized at this age. How white matter structurally changes across development is a fundamental image issue in the understanding of structural Pazopanib  connectivity, and therefore the study of these changes contributes to the comprehension of the underlying structural mechanisms of cortical changes.
AcknowledgementsThe opinions, hypotheses, conclusions, and recommendations of trace fossil study are the responsibilities of the authors and are not necessarily representative of the opinions of the funding agencies. The authors are grateful to the CAPES Foundation for the fellowship (Moura, L.M. 17930/12-0), the Sao Paulo Research Foundation–FAPESP (Sato, J.R. grant 2013/ 10498-6 and 2013/00506-1 and Jackowski, A.P. grant 2013/08531-5), and CNPq (Jackowski, A.P. grant 442026/2014-5), Brazil for funding this research. This study is from the National Institutes of Science and Technology for Developmental Psychiatry of Children and Adolescents (INPD) and is supported by CNPq (573974/2008-0) and FAPESP (2008/ 57896-8).
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