Picking a College - Five Tips for Locating a College With all the Perfect Fit

Choosing a college requires you like a college applicant to find out which you would like inside a college experience. Some schools are a good fit for many students and a few usually are not. Just because it's a high quality school does not make it a good fit. I have had students return from the college trip to Harvard where he was accepted but said, "It just wasn't me." I have had students offered a complete scholarship for athletics with a west coast school who replied, "I loved the coach however i just couldn't see myself there." I've had each student visit her state university which she assumed she had attend. She commented, "It was too impersonal and the classes were too big. I do not think I want it there."


I guess you could say that none of such schools were the right fit for that students who had been considering them. Something was missing. As a college counselor, I have faith that selecting a elitecollege is a vital decision which will make a positive change inside a student's life. It is my goal to assist students find colleges that fit them academically, socially, emotionally and financially. To let them choose schools randomly and for the wrong reasons doesn't make sense at all.

Picking a college which has the proper fit takes time and research. It doesn't just happen. It's like discovering the right footwear. If they're uncomfortable, you may not like them. When they don't meet your needs, there's no sense in considering them.

Here are five strategies for picking a college that's the right fit:

1. Research the schools you are looking for, visit their websites, and read comments that students attending the schools make. Are the classes large and mostly lecture? Does Greek life dominate the social scene? What questions are essential that you should ask?
2. Choose schools which are an excellent match for you personally, not ones that the friends are thinking about. Picking a college as your girlfriend or boyfriend is certainly going there is making a poor choice. College can be a time for a balanced view; be ready to challenge yourself a bit. It may look scary, but you won't be sorry.
3. Rankings mean hardly any and should be disregarded most of the time. Rankings are dependant on college presidents or people who analyze data for a living. If your school is not good for you, no matter where it ranks.
4. Examine schools you understand nothing about. If they provide the programs that appeal to you and you also like what you discover the campus community, provide them with some consideration. Many highly successful people attended schools which are not popular.
5. Connect with and visit at least 3 or 4 schools. It's one thing to read and listen to with regards to a school; it is another to see. Maintain a list of what is important to you personally and spend enough time on the campus to find out which colleges seem like the right fit.

When you are selecting a college ideal fit, are you prepared to look around and self-reflection that is needed to discover it?
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