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The part of pictures within our everyday lives is different beyond recognition throughout the last Twenty years. Many of you might be too young to keep in mind the periods when cameras stood a physical photographic film inside them and capturing pictures was usually just reserved for holidays and special occasions. You would then send the show off and away to be developed photos printed off after which, should you be lucky, you'd possess the results in weekly.

Photo backup - digital age’s response to the old-fashioned scrapbook
Today we are able to now have a photograph with this phone and immediately start to see the results and also the quality of the image will be mesmerizing. Sony just have released a smartphone having a 42.4-megapixel A7R III mirrorless camera which highlights today’s smartphone capabilities, specially when you take into account most first-generation cell phone cameras stood a 1.0 megapixel camera and two.5 megapixels was considered a boundary-breaker.

Within 10-seconds we are able to publish that picture towards the world on social media marketing, but it is not all very good news. As with every advancement with better technology, improvements can also lead to further problems, along with digital images, this problem is storage or photo backup.

With your high-resolution images, these may quickly consume every one of the memory you've got on your phone or tablet, so how do you store all these new images? Picture hosting, best way to backup photos, platforms like Gmail Photos and Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. all supply a solution, however when again another problem arises. Privacy and security.

Sharing images from cloud photos and social media
With a lot of platforms where one can post and store photos, there is a option to share those images, nevertheless it isn’t always that easy to become selective. Go wrong as well as your most private (and intimate) of photos may be broadcast anyone and everyone, otherwise you could have just shared them with everyone in your contacts list accidentally!


Beware the ‘sync’ button when it comes to photo backup
Exactly what are we referring to here? That pesky little ‘sync’ button which you don’t find out what it can, just like the type you see on Dropbox. However, as it’s there, it’s probably far better to utilize it. No? Wrong move! Syncing your devices can be a disaster, as when you choose to delete data on your device, you may automatically delete that file which can be stored in the cloud - basically undoing the very reason you're using cloud storage to start with. Syncing can be a two-way street, but something you only discover accidentally. Surely the purpose of having safe cloud storage is indeed that images can’t be accidentally deleted, and you've got a good and permanent record until such time you may already know you no longer require those photos.

Sometimes less is more and there's distinct lack of free photo hosting platforms offering no-nonsense 100% secure and 100% private photo backup facilities that only the account owner and nobody else have access to. To ensure the reason behind Myra Cloud.

Myra Cloud photo backup - where less is much more
Ever encounter something know does just what you want, but is overcomplicated by ten other activities you neither want, nor need? Frequently today free photo hosting platforms think the easiest method to attract you is always to offer extras and gimmicks. However, in wanting to pander to the masses, the entire essence of your online platform gets buried even though looking to become ‘user friendly’, instead it might be very ‘user unfriendly’.

Free cloud storage with Myra Cloud
We couldn’t make it simpler (or cheaper) for you - all you need to do is sign up and you’re good to go. No credit card details, no personal data, what are you looking forward to?
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