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While reviewing abstracts from the recent ACSM meeting I came across a study that looked at transition injuries Nike Air Max 95 Womens among barefoot runners. The study tracked 109 runners and found a fairly low incidence of musculoskeletal injury among them as they transitioned to running barefoot. There are a number of issues relating to the results that are worthy of discussion, and I have written a post on it over on the website for my book (Bill and I are trying to include content relative to some of the book chapters over there as well as continuing to post on Runblogger – now that the book is done, I have more time to manage multiple blogs!).What I would Adidas Campus Womens like to see is more comparison with shod runners who run the same distances. If you run you will experience some injuries but it is the type and frequency that matters.I have been transitioning to minimalist shoes over the past 5 months. I have experienced some short term injuries that have cleared up as Nike Epic React Flyknit Donne my body has adapted to a mid foot strike rather than heel strike. These include achilles pain and soreness in my calves. From my experience you should expect some minor injuries during transition even if you do it slowly (if you do not do it properly then you can expect more serious injuries).However my body seems to have adapted now and these have pretty much disappeared. I am glad to say that a few longer term injuries such as sore hip and back seem to have cleared up with the new approach. We are all different but that is my experience.Just changing a shoe won’t just make a difference. Barefoot or minimalist shoes help you to change your form but don’t totally do it for you,you must consider your whole body not just what is on your feet.We runners can sometimes develop special bonds with certain pairs of shoes. They might be a Adidas Superstar Womensshoe we set a PR in, or the shoe we wore in our first Boston Marathon. These are shoes that we hang on to and keep in our closets because they retain special meaning, and the thought of dumping them in the trash is simply too much to bear. I have a few of these shoes myself – among them I would include the Saucony Kinvaras that I wore on the day I qualified for Boston, the Nike Free 3.0 v1 that were my first “minimalist” running shoe, and the Brooks Launch.The Brooks Launch was a shoe that I wore concurrently with those original Nike Air Max 90 Damen Nike Frees back in 2009-2010. they were a favorite among the circle of running friends that I had met on, and I had a breakthrough marathon at Disney in January 2010 with the Launch on my feet – it was the first marathon in which I managed to avoid the dreaded “wall.”Thus, I felt a twinge of Nike Air Max 2017 Femme sadness when I learned that the Launch, along with the Brooks Green Silence, is set to be discontinued in early 2013. I’d read reports of its impending demise on the Runner’s World shoe forum, and then had it confirmed by a reader who contacted Brooks customer service and reported the following (thanks Brad!):“I have spent a bunch of time on instant chat with Brooks customer support the last few days to confirm that the Launch is going to be discontinued in January of 2013. When I pressed them as to the reason why this great shoe is Nike Air Max 2017 Femme being killed off, they basically told me that even though there are a “passionate group” of Launch fans (myself included), the sales volume for the Launch does not warrant continuing the manufacturing production of this shoe. They also are killing off the Green Silence for the same reason in Jan of 201Nike Air Vapormax Femme 3.I have been told multiple times by Brooks that the Pure Flow is the “replacement” for the Launch, but unfortunately these 2 shoes are very different in fit, design, features, feel, and performance.
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