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You can not look anywhere OSRS gold nowadays without seeing Fortnite. It's the gaming phenomenon, and is the most popular sport on the OSRS gold market at the moment. This means that you likely know lots of people who play the sport, and you might have some Fortnite lovers in your holiday shopping list.And, in case you are not into Fortnite yourself, then it can be hard to find the perfect tech gift for all these folks.

Luckily, we here in TechRadar are experts -- it is in the great service of OSRS gold title, after all and we will help you find the best gaming monitors for Fortnite lovers.When you're looking for a gaming computer either yourself or a loved one, you'll find a couple things that you need to remember, particularly if it will be used to play with a fast-paced online game such as Fortnite. High refresh rates and very low response times are far more important than getting a high resolution and a massive display size.

We know, it's a bit confusing, however we have you covered. We have picked out the three finest monitors for Fortnite, across a range of different budgets, so which you could discover the best gift for the Fortnite fan on your list.We've been singing the Asus VG248QE's praises for many years . Having a refresh rate and also a 1ms response time, it's the perfect track for Fortnite. And, as it's just a 1080p panel, it is quite simple to drive on mid-range hardware -- however you'll need a significant rig to power it in 144 fps.

However, this really is a TN (Twisted Nematic) monitor, which includes a few drawbacks. But, you're likely to get a very speedy monitor that is fantastic for online games such as Fortnite. Unfortunately, it falls short when it comes to many single-player games on the market, but this might not be a drawback for Fortnite players.In the event the Fortnite enthusiast in your list is all about getting buy RS gold together with their friends and playing, well, Fortnite with their friends, the BenQ Zowie XL2540 is perfect.

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