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You can discover the general list of all available week two challenges below, starting with all the free ones that anybody can complete right now:Search a torso in various termed locations.Damage competitions with various kinds of weapons.Eliminate opponents in Snobby Shores or Fortnite Materials Fatal Fields (Hard).Eliminate a competition from at least 50 meters away.Here's a reminder that you don't actually have to complete the challenges weekly. Let's dive into our hints for each individual challenge this week.

The challenge up would be to look for Fortnite Materials a chest in different locations that are named. All you need to do is head to areas round the Battle Royale map and locate 1 chest in each location. You will need to locate a chest. Be aware that you don't need to do all of them at once so feel free to do this a little bit at a time.There are some different . We recommend you hit up places which are really close along with Pleasant Park and Tilted Towers along with the new areas introduced in season seven.

This will ensure you get as many places as possible, per game. As manners we recommend you do so in Team Rumble for.This one is fairly simple. With only dealing damage to enemies using five different types of 15, you are tasked. All you need to do is damage the enemies together with five of those kinds of weapons.This is not a week two challenge that you need to complete all in one match. It may be done over time to take your time with it.

We also suggest that you do buy fortnite guns that one in Team Rumble because there are respawns. This permits you to do the whole challenge in one match. Also note that you only have to hit an opponent with the weapon, not kill them therefore it is not too difficult to fortnite materials for sale perform.A whole lot of these challenges can be completed in the exact same time including the previous challenge and this one. What you have to do is kill three opponents in Fatal Fields or Snobby Shores.

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