respect for those who put in the

We decided to head back to camp and pack up our things and head home. The thought of hanging at the finish line to watch runners come in was tempting, but Nate was leaving for England on Monday and thought it more important that he get home and help his family pack the next morning.The big question I had going into the weekend was whether watching the race would make me want to run a 100-miler. There is something to be said about Nike Air Max 2017 Donne the challenge – I found myself wondering frequently if I could do it, and I have incredible respect for those who put in the training necessary to www.matthieugranier.frcomplete a race like this. That training is the main thing preventing me from considering making an attempt at a 100 miler right now – it would simply take too much time away from my family. But, I do have to admit that I find a tremendous appeal in long trail races like this. The 50K I ran last year was one of the most enjoyable races I have run, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to do another next year, maybe the VT 50K in the Fall. After that, who knows???
Here are a few more pictures from the weekend – the horse race was along the same route used Nike Air Max 2017 Mujer by the runners, amazing to watch them all coming through the same aid stations!A few days ago Brian Metzler of published an Nike Air Max 270 Hombre article showing off the shoes that will be worn by some of the US Olympic Marathon runners in London. Among them was the shoe to be worn by Meb Keflezghi– Nike Air Max 90 Femme the Skechers Go Race. Here’s what Metzler wrote about Meb’s shoe:“When Skechers signed Keflezighi in the wake of Nike dropping him, the running world freaked out a bit. Skechers? Many people thought Keflezighi, then 36, was just taking a paycheck with a shoe brand desperate to get into the running market. Even if he was (and we’re not saying he did), Keflezighi and Skechers are the ones getting the last laugh, given that he’s lowered his personal best twice in the two marathons he’s run since signing with Skechers and running in the brand’ s lightweight GORun model. Keflezighi won the U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon in January in a PB 2:09:08, which came about 10 weeks after a solid Nike Air Max 90 Womens sixth-place showing in the New York City Marathon (where he’d set his previous best of 2:09:13). He’s 37 now, but few are counting him out anymore. Anyway, here’s a look at his custom Olympic model. A men’s size 9.0 weighs in at about 6.9 oz.”As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been in regular contact with the team at Skechers that developed this shoe, and have been wear testing prototypes of various shoes they are working on for quite awhile now. I was lucky enough last week to receive a wear test pair of Meb’s Go Race, and have run a 12 miler and a 7 miler in them. Feels great, kind of like a lower drop, better fitting (at least on my feet) version of the Adidas Adios 2, which will surely Nike Dunk SB Low Donne be a shoe on the feet of many of Meb’s competitors in London.Can’t say any more than that right now since I’m on an NDA (I’m not receiving any payment Nike Air Max 2017 Womens from Skechers, but can’t talk about pre-production models in detail – standard practice for this type of thing), but it’s been a lot of fun to work with a team that has essentially been given free reign to design and experiment with shoes as they see fit.
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