Claire (Julie Bowen) admits to the camera that she doesn’t think her husband is funny, only to have him say the same thing about her later; Gloria (Sof?a Vergara) bristles at Jay’s (Ed O’Neill) constant ribbing of her native Colombia as being backward and goat-infested, but when he makes amends and books tickets to visit her hometown nike shox oz d herre tilbud , she privately confesses to the camera that her village actually is pretty backward and goat-infested. Small bits like this reveal the frustration and dishonesty that goes on beneath the surface of every family. But Modern Family is more than just the odd funny line, which comes out in the utter chaos that follows in the wake of the three clans coming together. In a recent episode, a Halloween-obsessed Claire sets up a demanding haunted house production in her living room and forces her reluctant relatives to be her cast members. But after a rough day in which Mitchell goes to work dressed as Spider-Man when nobody else is in costume, Jay and Gloria argue over her dodgy English nike shox oz d herre , and Cam struggles with the memory of a traumatic Halloween as a kid, none of them feel quite up to jumping through Claire’s elaborate hoops. Of course, the funhouse turns into a total disaster with mistimed sound effects, a decapitated head (played by Cam) that can’t stop crying about the one Halloween he fell over and peed his pants nike shox oz d dame tilbud , and Gloria as a witch who speaks in an off-putting, toneless American accent just to spite her husband. The show’s interweaving stories collide in a mess of frenzied slapstick without feeling zany just for the sake of it. Even in the Halloween episode’s corny-sounding resolution, where everyone gets over their own troubles just so Claire can have her night of scaring neighborhood kids, Modern Family makes the sweet palatable nike shox oz d dame , managing to be warm and heartfelt without making you sick to your stomach.

Most family comedies lay the bickering on pretty thick, and, in that respect, Modern Family really doesn’t stray too far from such shows. But these types of shows usually work their conflicts out in as saccharine a way as possible-that “aw” moment designed to tug the old heart strings nike shox oz d danmark , and prove that, in the end, we’re all one big happy whatever. Producers Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd work around this by making cutesy family moments part of the punchlines. Steven Levitan told Zap2it at Monday’s (July 19) Paley Center “Inside the Writers Room” event. And, as Levitan says in the clip above nike shox oz d tilbud , what’s on the “Modern Family” writers’ minds, or what happens in their lives, is what fuels a lot of the stories in the series. So in Season 2 you’ll see Phil (Ty Burrell) and Claire (Julie Bowen) act out a running argument Levitan and his wife have over the quickest way to get home from a restaurant: “That race becomes a story,” he says. Viewers will also meet Cameron’s (Eric Stonestreet) mother in the new season nike shox nz herre tilbud , which should be a juicy guest role (the part hasn’t been cast yet) — but which won’t be done just for the sake of getting a big guest star. “As those parts come up, if somebody really fits and it really feels great and organic, then we’ll do it,” Levitan said during the Paley panel. “But we’re not going to do it just go get ratings.” Pause. “Cut to Justin Bieber on our show.” Levitan doesn’t want to fix what’s not broken about the show nike shox nz herre , but he also says he and his team are “neurotic enough” to keep pushing to find the comedy in “Modern Family’s” characters. That includes putting characters together in combinations we haven’t seen yet. “It’s ‘Who haven’t we seen together?'” Levitan says. “”Let’s put Haley [Sarah Hyland] and Cameron together’ — those kinds of stories. That gives us a lot of room. There are a lot of combinations we haven’t yet explored. And, you know, I just said that off the top of my head right now, but now I’m going nike shox nz dame tilbud , That’s interesting. Haley and Cameron.”

Modern Family Season 2 Episode 19

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